Meadowlark Science and Education, LLC ®


Vision Statement

"The vision of Meadowlark Science and Education, LLC ® is to create innovative technology focused on the development of dynamic educational materials to inspire learning.

Mission Statement

"The mission of Meadowlark Science and Education, LLC ® is to encourage excitement about science learning by developing innovative and interactive educational tools for students, parents and teachers founded on the commitment of company employees and owners."

Company Objectives

  • Provide innovative inquiry-based learning games focused on STEM education that are peer evaluated
  • Encompass the needs of learners of all ages, abilities and backgrounds
  • Offer affordable, accurate, current and dynamic learning tools
  • Assist teachers in achieving the goals of the NGSS and common core as appropriate

Student Testimonials

"I loved that you became M.A.R.V.I.N. the Robot Mouse to look for clues!"

"Amazing game. Thought it was wonderful. Going to be playing it for a long time!"

"I really liked the mini-games and the visuals!"

"I liked exploring the different worlds!"

Teacher Testimonials

"Students of all academic levels could play this game."

"The game was engaging to every single child."

"It was an excellent use of time."

"I would like to use this video game in my curriculum each year."